Why Revival Hasn’t Started

by Aaron


Many in the American church are majorly emphasizing revival of the United States. It is my prayer that that is what happens. However, before we call on the Lord for revival, let’s make sure we are calling for the right kind of revival.

I think very often our emphasis on revival is just a hope that all of the people in America will develop the Republican Christian view. It is hoped that abortion will be made illegal, the pull for same-sex marriage will die out, and everyone will start honoring the Bible (even if they don’t actually read it).

Let me be clear that I think all of these are issues we should fight for. We have to protect the unborn, seek the proper design for marriage, and we have to read and glorify the Word of God. But if that’s all we want, that’s not revival.

Revival is something much deeper. Revival will never happen until Christians in America actually want Jesus. So often, revival is made into a political movement. When revival comes, things will be better in the country. Of course, there will be no sin (or at least none of those murderers, rapists, and bank robbers), everyone will be nice to each other, and our kids will be able to safely play outside.

But this is not revival.

Revival will only happen when those calling for it want Jesus and him alone. It will come when the hearts of those calling for it are wholly surrendered to the will of Christ. A divine blessing on America is not enough. A Christian worldview in America is not enough. We have to love Jesus. We have to be in love with him and be willing to do anything he commands us. We have to surrender to him as the Lord of the Universe.

I want to see revival come to the United States and to the whole world. I want to see people fall in love with Jesus. I want to see Christians repair communities all around the world with a message of hope. I want to see people surrender to leave their current realities and move around the world to take the Gospel to people. I want to see the billions of people in the world who have never heard of Jesus be reached with his Gospel. I want to see the Kingdom of God come to completion.

But this will never happen until we love Jesus. Until we really love him. More than we love our lives. We must be in love with him to the point that if we have to choose between dying for Jesus or living without him, we choose death.

Until Christians in America surrender to him as the Lord of life that they love, we will never see revival. We will see churches continue to close, the buildings be abandoned, and the people dispersed to their homes. We will see sin take the country. We will see Christianity become more and more of a minority.

Do you want to see revival? It starts with you. Surrender to Jesus as Lord. Even if you have already done that. Wake up every morning, pick up your cross, and say, “Where are we going, Jesus?” And actually read the Bible, not as something to “bless your heart” but as something to actually change you into being more like Jesus.

Hear, O America. The Lord is our God, the Lord is one! You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your mind and with all your soul and with all your strength.