14 Signs You are a Hipster Worship Leader

by Aaron

If you look at the younger generation of Christians seeking to be church leaders, you see an overwhelming majority of one particular group of people: Hipsters. A friend of mine described hipsters as people who want to look like they are as smart as nerds without doing the work of being a nerd. A major area this is becoming apparent in is worship leaders. So here are some ways you can tell if you are, or your worship pastor is, a hipster worship leader.

1. Your worship leading outfit consists of at least 3 of the following items:

  • Brown pointed shoes that look like a cross between work boots and dress shoes
  • Tight jeans, with the ankles rolled up
  • Flannel shirts (with either the top two buttons unbuttoned to show your chest hair or all of the buttons buttoned up to the top)
  • A cardigan sweater (bonus points if it is unbuttoned)
  • Big rimmed glasses
  • A toboggan/beanie
  • An untamed beard (think David Crowder or Duck Dynasty minus a few inches)
  • Combed over/slicked back hair
  • A scarf
  • Your hair with the sides cut shorter than the top
  • Optional: Tattoos

2. You have quoted John Piper, CS Lewis, or Valley of Vision more than once while leading worship.

3. Expressive worship is good, but in every worship service, you look like a squirrel is crawling around in your pants.

4. You sing the same 5-15 songs every time you lead worship and they are all either well know hymns or from Sovereign Grace Music.

5. You find a way to bring Calvinism into every worship service.

6. You have thanked God for predestining you to salvation before the foundation of the world.

7. You have led worship while drinking coffee.

8. You have instagrammed your quiet time more than five times in your life.

9. You hold to the theology that all worship songs have to be deeper than half the passages of the Bible.

10. You look down on versions of the Bible like the NLT or the Message.

11. You are really adamant about supporting social causes and missions….on social media.

12. Your preferred Bible translation, no matter the audience is the ESV.

13. You think Chris Tomlin is too mainstream.

14. You swear on your mother’s grave that you are not a hipster.