I Come in Simplicity

by Aaron

“I come in simplicity, longing for purity, to worship you in spirit and truth, only you….You’re the reason I sing, the reason I sing, yes, my heart will sing, how I love you. And forever I’ll sing, forever I’ll sing, yes my heart will sing, how I love you.” -Rend Collective “Simplicity

These are the lyrics of my favorite Rend Collective song. The reason I love it so much is that it calls us back to worship the Lord in simplicity.

I am a seminary student, so I am usually around a lot of people who speak at least two languages: English and Theology. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love theology. My bookshelf has finally reached it’s third full shelf. I love to read and study.

But us who study a lot must be careful, because knowledge puffs up. If you aren’t careful, knowledge makes you arrogant and thus, dishonoring to Christ. If we ever reach the point where we are not acquiring knowledge in order to know and love God anymore, but rather to be smart, we are in sin.

At seminary, it has been described as the fact that we are drinking out of a fire hose. And that is the truth. We have to take in a lot of information in a short time span. So there are a lot of extremely smart people at my seminary, which is great! Take your study and do it to the glory of God. Learn as much as you can, but never lose track of the purpose of loving God more in your knowledge.

At seminary, I have to constantly take a step back and come to the Lord in simplicity. I love really deep worship songs like those by Sovereign Grace Music and Hillsong, but I like more than just those deep worship songs.

Chris Tomlin recently released a song called “Jesus Loves Me”. The chorus simply says, “Jesus, he loves me. He loves me. He is for me. Jesus, how can it be, he loves me.”

I know some people at seminary who scoff at songs like that because it’s not high enough theology. But if you can’t fall in worship singing that Jesus loves you, there is something wrong with you. It may not talk about the propitiation of the cross, the sovereign power of God, the extravagant glory of God, or the overcoming of the saints by the blood of the Lamb, but it is the Gospel in it’s simplest form.

There is real value in laying aside theology textbooks and heavy doctrines for a bit and just remembering what Rend Collective says, that he is the reason we sing, and then singing how we love him.